About the Site
GrandStrandKIDS.com was created to provide a resource for families to find activities to enjoy together in the Grand Strand area. The site was developed with local residents in mind, but could be a useful resource for visitors to our area as well. Below are the features of the site:

Where to Go
  • This section lists kid-friendly places to visit along the Grand Strand.
  • You can get driving directions, find deals, and even vote for your favorite place to visit!
  • If you don't see your favorite place, you can add it to the site for FREE!
When to Go
  • This is where you will find a local calendar of events
  • If you don't see an event that you know about, please add it to the calendar so everyone else can know about it too!
Fun Zone
  • Here you will find fun, educational games for ages 12 and under.
Need Network
  • Kids of all ages can make a difference in the community!
  • Visit this secton often to find out how local organizations can use your help!

The Inspiration
In 2007, I was working full-time as a software engineer and Christian was a 3 year old struggling his way through day care. He was having serious behavior issues. So serious, in fact, that we were asked to remove him from three different programs. During this time, I was allowed to work part-time from home for about six months until we were able to find a day care that would fit Christian's special needs. Having cut my income in half, we had no money for non-necessities but we had to get out of the house. So, we went to the library, the beach, the library, the beach, the library, the beach and every once in a while, we'd splurge on gas and venture out to our favorite park, Conway Riverwalk. One day on my way home from the library, I thought, "I wish there were a website that listed all the places you could take your children." Since I couldn't find one, I thought I'd just make one. I pondered the idea off and on for about a year. Then, I finally got started designing, planning and developing. Being employed full-time and the CEO of a very active family, I've only had about three hours a week to dedicate to this project. It is so exciting to finally have the opportunity to share it with you! Not only do I hope it will be a helpful resource for your family, but once all of the elements of the site are complete and the vision comes full circle, I hope it will make a difference in our community and your family's lifestyle.